Skirt Tutorial: A Pin, A Tuck & Satin Tape by Sepa Designs


Our new skirt tutorial by Hagar of Sepa Designs uses Nani Iro double gauze fabric, satin ribbon tape and elastic for a simple skirt with elegant finishing details for your favorite little girl.


  • 1-1.5 yards of fabric suggested fabrics: double gauze – shown, voile, light cotton, gauze, linen…
  • 1 1/8″ wide elastic tape cut to the length of your child’s waist circumference
  • matching or contrasting satin tape – I used 1/4″ wide tape
  • and matching thread

1. If you used 2 rectangles – put 2 pieces with wrong sides facing and sew 1 short end closed to make 1 long rectangle.

Press your seam open and finish off the edges with a serger/overcasting/zig-zag stitch.

Now, go all around and finish off all the edges of the rectangle.

2.  Lay your fabric wrong side up and fold up hem 2.5” all along the bottom. Press fold, pin in place and sew a hem stitch close to the top edge of the folded part.

3.  Start pinning satin tape in place over your hem stitch from 1 end all the way to the other. It is more important that the tape is parallel to the bottom edge than to have the hem stitch right along the center of tape.

Sew 2 rows of stitching on top of the tape close to both edges.

4.  Left picture – this is what you should have at this stage. Give it a good press before continuing.

Flip over so that wrong side is facing up again and fold over measuring 1” from top edge of satin tape.

Press this fold and pin in place. Sew a straight stitch about 1/8” in from edge. This is called a pintuck and once opened and pressed should look like the right picture. I opted to do 1 row on the bottom and 1 row higher up (see next step) but you could also do 3 rows of these about ½” apart and that would look amazing too.

5.  Using the same technique, fold over top edge (5” down is a good place) to make another row of pintuck.

Press fold, pin in place and sew a straight stitch close (about 1/8”) to edge.

Open up and press entire piece of fabric.

6.  Fold rectangle in half matching up 2 short ends together with right sides facing each other. Pin and sew, creating a “circle”.

Press seam open.

To make sure that your seam does not open, sew 2 rows of top-stitching along both sides of side seam – only go up to satin tape.

7.  Fold top edge of skirt 1.5” down. Press fold, pin in place and sew all around leaving an opening 1” wide to insert the elastic.

Using a safety pin, insert elastic and pass it through all the way around. Pull out both ends and overlap the 2 edges by about an inch. Sew 2 rows of stitching to make sure it is strong.

Sew opening closed.

8.  You are either DONE! … or… maybe you want to just add one more row of top stitching over elastic waist like I did.

If so, run your machine over elasticated waist while stretching out the waist as it feeds under the needle.

This will maintain the elasticity.

and now.. TA DA! you are DONE!!

Skirt Tutorial: A Pin, A Tuck and Satin Tape

Download the free skirt tutorial PDF.

Nani Iro Fuccra 2011 Double Gauze Fabric in Natural Rose Pink.

Next up – something for the boys…

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