Big Tree, Little Tree: a festive tutorial


Using a mere fat quarter of Nani Iro flannel or bits of non-matching scrap from your stash you can whip up a pile of stuffed Christmas Trees for your mantle.

What you need:

  • scraps of fabric or Nani Iro brushed cotton in red with bits of glittery sparkle in the polka dots
  • thread and needle
  • trusty sewing machine
  • stuffing material (like poly-fil, unloved scraps or the contents of an old pillow)
Notes: recommended 3/8″ seam allowance. But whatever you’re comfortable with is fine.
  1. Cut fabric, three triangles and one circle per tree
  2. Begin sewing long edges of tree triangles right sides together, do not sew the two ends together yet.
  3. Press seams open.
  4. Now you can sew the final open edges together. Press, if possible.
  5. With the right sides facing inward, pin the circle shape to the bottom edge of the tree. Keep in mind that you will leave  a 1.5 inch opening to turn the tree right side out.
  6. Beginning with a back stitch, sew around the bottom circle (I like to sew with the circle side up). Remove pins as you go, remember to leave an opening to pull the right sides back out from. Back stitch at the end (this lessens the likelihood that you will distort the fabric when you turn it right side out).
  7. Turn the tree right sides out.
  8. Stuff your tree generously to your preferred puffy state.
  9. Prepare yourself for handsewing this shut.
  10. Now handsew this are closed. You can do a blindstitch or go wacky and do something like this (I found it gave the base a bit more stability): 
  11. Repeat if you’re making another one. My kids loved them, squeezed them.

Download the free tree template here. It’s not fancy. My graphic design skills are on vacation.
Variation: you could leave the “turn through” opening along one of the long sides of the triangle joints to fill the bottom with beans which would give the tree more stability and heft.

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