Field Trip: BMA


This week I took the girls to the Baltimore Museum of Art to explore the art galleries and sculpture gardens. I wanted the girls to experience artwork in a mature gallery setting and to spend some time drawing (if they were so inspired). Despite the heat we spent some time in the shaded sculpture garden where they began sketching.

The BMA is now a free museum in Maryland and the information desk is extremely helpful. We were offered a costume pack corresponding to artwork in the museum (Queen/Princess, Dancer, Native American or King). Genevieve was brave enough to wear it for the entire visit and was rewarded with compliments and helpful guidance from the staff throughout the museum. Inside, the girls (ages 2.5 and 5) were drawn to the  Sondheim Artscape Finalists, what I call the mostly Matisse gallery and finally, the miniature rooms display on the main level in the American Decorative arts gallery.

The Cone Sisters collection is the foundation of the museum’s collection. One room has an interactive virtual tour (link within pop-up) allowing you to use the touch screen to visit their apartment from the early 1900′s. We discussed how interesting it was that two sisters lived so closely together and how they may have come to appreciate art so passionately. I asked Mira if she would like to be surrounded by that much artwork in her own house one day (answer: yes), meanwhile I tried to keep Genevieve from crawling up the period furniture on view.

Ultimately, we visited the Matisse room twice. Was I surprised that they loved Matisse so much? Not a bit. What’s not to love? The paintings are whimsical and colorful dominated by beautifully contemplative women, a small pup, pattern and flowers.

Before we left, I took them into the art shop and allowed them to each choose a few postcards to remember their day. They already want to go back.


  • notebooks
  • writing instruments
  • imaginations
  • inspiring surroundings

The BMA offers many programs for families, among them are Free Family Sundays programs offering hands-on workshops and guided tours. We just missed June 10′s Sew a Textile, but July and August promise several architectural and sculptural themed activites that sound just as interesting.

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2 Responses to “Field Trip: BMA”

  1. tara says:

    June 25th, 2012 at 6:10 am

    I wasn’t aware of this museum before now, and I wish I was brave enough to take my crazy kids there (almost 2 & 3 years old). It looks like a lot of fun. We live near Dulles airport, and I have briefly considered taking them to DC from time to time, but it just freaks me out. lol. Maybe in a few years…..How awesome that the Baltimore museum lets the kids wear costumes!!!

  2. Laura says:

    June 28th, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    Tara, I know just how you feel! Our youngest is still a handful in public – it gets easier the older they get. You might try it at the sculpture gardens outside the Hirshorn Museum in DC – maybe a low-key Sunday afternoon with lots of room to run?