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This space has been quiet but I must assure you that the sound of clicking knitting needles is incessant around here.

This Baby Sweater is almost ready to ship to my friend Karen. She recieved a preview last month at her baby shower. The knitting is finished, now I need to settle on some buttons and to weave in several loose ends. See my Ravelry page for more information. I made it a tiny bit larger than 12 months because I forgot to stop increasing. If he’s broad shouldered it’s no biggie. If he’s tiny – it’s going to fit him a long while.

Herringbone Cowl in Corsage (it’s no secret, I’m barely one row past cast-on). Ravelry information here.

Hope to finish this November Blanket from last year. Yes, last year. Last November. If I knit one skein a day maybe I can finish by the end of the month (I think this is when someone laughs with one of those BAHHAHAHA kind of laughs). I made it larger than the pattern called for (*slams head with hand* why?!), in green it bears a sort of resemblance to a tree skirt.

Sewed a baby kimono, baby bandana, some mouth wipers and burp cloths. More to come there, after a baby shower.

I’m working on a hat pattern – but I have to correct the side decrease placement. Here is our dog, Sophie, modeling it before she had to go bark at something. It is a modification of the Triangle Marshmallow Hat I started working on last year. I wanted a rounder version.

I tried to make this sweater. Then one of my children (I won’t name names but it was the mischievous smaller one with blonde hair) decided to unwind and run with my fingering weight work. After an hour of trying to locate slipped stitches and correct the orientation while on my second or third glass of red I finally gave up and broke off the yarn. Maybe the black yarn would have bled and stained the red when washed anyway. But oh, how I loved the stripes. In case you were wondering, I did not have point protectors on the needles. If I had, she surely would have choked on them. That’s my girl!

Any knitting stories you want to share? Do tell, I love the sad stories just as well as the happy ones.

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