The Collar Project: a Beaded Glittery Flannel Number


Clever Charlotte patterns have long dominated my to-sew lists. When Erin asked me if I would like to participate in the Collar Project series I knew it was perfect timing to whip up a quick holiday accessory from the Peridot pattern. Because what kind of lady turns down the opportunity to make something for her daughter to wear that is delightfully festive and girly?

I knew I would use a delicate Nani Iro flannel with glitter dots from last Fall’s collection. On the reverse side I chose a Velveteen print from Anna Maria Horner’s LouLouThi collection. Because the project is very quick and simply constructed, I was able to embellish the glitter polka dots with glass chop and bugle beading from the Alabama Chanin shop. Using beads and button thread the polka dots became a background for showing off some interesting stitch techniques. While hand-sewing is no easy task for the hasty sewer it is a nice break from the frantic holiday chores that seem to fill my date book lately.


  • large contrasting scraps of fabric
  • two 12″ ribbons
  • chop and bugle beading
  • Coats and Clark button thread
  • beading needle
  • lightweight fusible interfacing (for any wide weave or flimsy fabric)
  • chalk marker
  • any of the Alabama Chanin books for beading application reference
  • Peridot Blouse and Ankle Pants with detachable collar


  1. Prepare cut front and back fabrics from collar pattern. Attach fusible interfacing to any lightweight fabric that will be embroidered/embellished. With the chalk marker draw the seam allowance (1/2″) around the perimeter to keep beading away from the sewing machine’s path.  
  2. Refer to an Alabama Chanin book for tips on embellishing the fabric and polka dots with bead work. Embroider away! 
  3. Follow Clever Charlotte’s instructions for attaching the ties and finishing the collar. Easy as 1-2-3!  

For a similar look try a solid fabric and any of the glitter paints from Martha Stewart’s new line of paints applied with a pouncer (see our recent dress for a tutorial). I would love to see it made it in Jersey with raw edges and top stitching. Who’s up for that?

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