Welcome, 2013!


This year, instead of a list of life resolutions (which would include being extra kind and softening the snarky edges of my insight in addition to sticking to my ridiculous exercise program, of course!) I want to focus on things I want to learn, try, and finish. I wish you a happy New Year full of healthy expectations for a brighter future for our children, country and planet.

So here I go with my list!

  • Learn how to/work on a needlepoint or cross-stitched ornament
  • Silkscreening/Printmaking experiments
  • Get scribbly with photoshop (like this or this)
  • Work on pattern design process
  • Research early ballet costumes
  • Finish a Chanin-style nightgown/tank dress (pre-cut since summer, gah)
  • Sew a jacket from Velveteen for my daughter
  • Finish three quilts that are 90% complete

What makes the top of your list?

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