Make It: Valentine Blossom Barrettes and Badges


Valentine Blossom Barrettes and Heart Badges via Charm Stitch

Need a quick project for Valentine’s Day?

Here’s a very quick and simple accessory project inspired by the charming, imperfectly handmade spirit of St. Valentine. The tutorial will show you how to fabricate a flower blossom from heart-shaped felt flower petals with optional barrette clip or badge finishes. Consider wearing the badge on a woolen coat, hat or even a adorning a clutch – it’s the right token for a special teacher in your life. Of course, the barrettes should be donned all year round when just the right touch is necessary, but are especially charming and of-the-moment over the next few weeks.

This project can safely be made with a crafty child under appropriate supervision.


Materials for Making a Heart Badge

  • felt scraps of 1″ wide and at least 6″ long
  • pin backs or barrette clips
  • hot glue gun (for barette clips)
  • 1-2″ wide lace, various widths of ribbon scraps and trims
  • thread, needle, scissors
  1. Cut a tapered, hilly heart shape from the pattern five times (it should be about 3/4-1″ at its highest and widest points). Thread a needle, knot the end and push through four points of the lower edge of the felt as shown.  needle points and tapered heart shapes
  2. Continue threading each felt heart lump with consistant orientation. thread felt hearts
  3. Pull all five hearts tight enough to shape into a circle and secure with a knot at the other end. Sew ends together.
  4. In a contrasting color of felt, cut a tiny heart for the center of the barrete or even use a button to fill the middle. Set aside for pin back or barrette. place a tiny felt heart in the center, secure with thread or hot glue
  5. To make a badge:  Sew (or hot glue)  a small stack of ribbons together, the pieces should be between 3-4 inches long with the thickest and longest being stacked on the bottom. Cut the ends of ribbons at angles, points or with pinking shears. Try using a thick ribbon like velvet (or felt strip) in the back for stability.fold and secure ribbons around pin back
  6. If using lace, baste and gather the not-so-pretty-end, about 8″ long will do. Gather into a tight ruffle and shape into a circle. Place the lace under the heart blossom and sew together.
  7. Hand sew the pieces together securing to the prepared pin back with thread and/or hot glue. 
  8. To make a barrette, cut a length of ribbon as wide as the barrette clip (or layer a couple) and long enough to wrap around the front, underneath and bottom part of the clip. Hot glue the ribbon in place, wrapping around the barrette and folding the rough edges inward (use an existing ribbon wrapped barrette for tips if this visual is not helpful). hot gluing a ribbon wrapped barette
  9. Then use the hot glue to secure the flower to the upturned end of the barrette clip. 

Viola! Don and Done. Aren’t you adorable?

valentine blossom badges and barrettes via charm stitch

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