Make It: Tissue Paper Pom Poms


tissue paper pom pom diy by charmstitch

This is deliciously easy. How many times have your kids wanted pom poms but you were too frugal to buy something so frivolous? (for me, the answer is once or twice) It need not happen again! Last night I succumbed to the confetti system tassel garland craze in preparation for valentine photo booth decoration. While sitting in the basement rolling and twisting tissue together I realized that a simple addition of a lollipop stem would translate this concept into pom poms, a perfect prop for the photo booth. So easy to do, my three year old and I made four in less than 15 minutes.

I present a quick tutorial for turning tissue paper into pom poms, this will literally take you five minutes. Hip hip hooray!


tissue pom pom materials

  • Tissue Paper (two sheets will produce 4 pom poms)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun – plug in as soon as your’re ready to work
  • Lollipop sticks (in the candy making aisle of craft or grocery store)
  • ruler (or sense of 4 inches)


  1. Refer to this pretty tutorial as a study guide. Basically take one long rectangle tissue piece and fold it together lengthwise. Then fold width-wise, fold in width-wise again. You’ll need to leave the top folded edge uncut so you have something to twist (see image #2 for a visual)… begin cutting long strips about 1/2 an inch wide – this is the fringe. It really doesn’t matter how consistent you are. It will look like a party no matter how you slice it (tee-hee).
  2. Unfold the tissue and cut in half producing two narrow rectangles. One cut half will look something like this (though the other tutorial is much tidier):unfold tissue
  3. Fold it in half, and twist up the middle section tightly (but not too tight, it will tear).roll up tissue twisting pom pom
  4. Identify the middle of the twisted center and place it about 1.5 inches down from one end of a lolly stick and use the hot glue gun to secure in place. Twist all the way up to the end of the stick covering all the white stuff. Glue as you see fit – it’s so easy to hide any imperfections.twist pom pom around lolly twist tissue around lolly stickred tissue paper pom pom diy
  5. Success, a finished pom pom!success - a pom pomjumping with handmade pom pomsjumping with pom poms 2pom poms from the sidetissue paper pom poms

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