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The Charm Stitch Blog is a modern sewing resource dedicated to providing its readers with inspiration through tutorials, sample projects, city guides, product reviews and resources. Profiles of fabric designers, pattern makers and artists are featured with studio tours, reading lists, to-do lists and sketchbook pages. Readers are invited to submit their own projects and samples to Charm Stitch’s flickr group.


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Laura has been working with sewing machines on and off since she was 9. However, her patience didn’t show up until her 30′s when a simple jacket pattern and broken sewing machine turned a bit of dabbling into an outright obsession. She has a bachelor’s degree in photography and has always had a passion for the arts. In 2009 Laura started the Charm Stitch blog where she posts tutorials, pattern reviews and essays on other sewing mishaps. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two young daughters and she finds inspiration in a houseful of controlled chaos and discarded tiaras. She is a big believer that sewing from your stash is over-rated.

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The Roses from Far Far Away

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A Simple Slip Case: Revamped

I’ve updated the free slip case tutorial to accommodate tablets of any size.

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